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Delays are not denials.

1. My rant to God.

I’m learning how to complain more to you, maybe “complain isn’t the right word but rather how to voice out my concerns so that I don't get overwhelmed. Growing up in a family of six children, I realized that the sibling who complained the most always got the most attention, albeit unpleasant sometimes😳. Nonetheless, my good good father I need your attention.

So here are my complaints to you my Father: 

I’m exhausted from trying to do things on my own. I need a destiny helper.

I’m exhausted from not getting a sound sleep in years.

I’m exhausted from changing diapers way longer than most mothers I know.

I can no longer continue this way God ... therefore I’m releasi g my children unto you . They are your heritage , your word says that the fruit of the womb is your reward. 

2.  God’s response.

Here is the response from God while praying the next day “Delays are not Denials.”  He opened my eyes to read the story of Lazarus and Joseph in the Bible. God also encouraged me to read more about predestination: Jeremiah 1:5 and John 15:16. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

I want to learn patience and perseverance. 

I want to learn how to communicate with you more.

I need your spirit of discernment.

As messy as this writeup is, I had to share this to encourage all supermoms with AUsome children, although it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is definitely there. Prayer based on the word of God, Perseverance by clothing ourselves in strength and dignity and lastly, growing in Patience are the key to our breakthrough.

Always 💕💕💕 on my mind,



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