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A L.O.V.E Mindset

I stumbled upon a well researched article on how churches are failing to support families with children affected by Autism. This wasn’t surprising at all to me as I have had several encounters where I was asked to leave the congregation because my son was too loud. In fairness to other members, they have a right to a quiet enjoyment of church service. But what ends up happening to mothers like me is that we stop going to church altogether, souls that are meant for christ become lost. That was my case for a while.
When churches don’t acknowledge “Autism” and all other forms of developmental disabilities or are misinformed, they fail to accommodate. While we all need prayers and healing, the accessibility of church is of immediate importance to families with special needs, “Faith without works is dead”(James 2:15-17). Providing additional supports for example through a special needs department, signages welcoming people with disabilities in the congregation and above all, encouragement b…

All things work together for my good.

Before my son was born I had envisioned what he would be like, dark like his father and friendly like his mom, those were the two qualities that I can remember holding on strongly that he would have. You can imagine my surprise at the hospital when he came out almost as fair as a white boy and as he got older, he didn't become the social butterfly that I had hoped he would be🤣🤣🤣. On the contrary, to my intense dislike he was labelled very early in life by some friends as 'anti-social' and was nicknamed 'foreign' because of his unique character. And he is allergic to peanut butter, African boys aren't supposed to have any allergy at all according to them..SMH😠😠

Another surprise I got with my son is the ability to put one out there, I have always done a good job in life with just fitting in with my environment and not attracting any attention whatsoever to myself. I'm often referred to as the quiet and gentle one (at least out of my three sisters ), I avo…

H.O.P.E : Helping Others from People's Experiences

I have pondered on this piece a countless times, It’s good to finally put it in writing.😁Back in 2016 when my son received his autism diagnosis at the age of 2, as painful as that experience was for me and my immediate family, as a Nigerian mom my primary concern was “what would people think”🙈.  My immediate instinct was to keep the information within the family. The fear of the label “autistic child”, the stigma and shame attached to the disorder plagued me for a while. I went from denial to playing the victim, I let the fear of the unknown rule my decisions.
In hindsight, I should have handled it differently. Denial, self-pity and playing the victim will not get your child the resources that they need to thrive in their condition (believe me, I tried all three😂😂). My fear of Autism stemmed from ignorance. The portrayal of autistic children in movies was the only insight I had prior to my son’s diagnosis. Since then, I have found comfort in learning from others in the same journey…

A Grateful Heart

If you know me, then you will know I’m able to keep my focus on one thing for a really long time . I have been commended for this trait by some, criticized and yelled at by others for my seemingly inability to be discouraged from a pursuit, they call it fixation, I prefer to call it persistence (It is positive🤔 😂). 

Fixation or persistence isn’t a bad thing, as long as you are fixating on the right thing. Since my discovery of the power in the word of God, I’m now very intentional on what takes up my time and energy. I deliberately choose to focus on my strengths and to appreciate the positives in people and situations. I can testify to how therapeutic it has been.. Whatever you focus on truly expands!

Keep your gaze on only the good!.. fixate all you want😜. Have a heart of gratitude for what you have... watch it expand. And most importantly, fight discouragement because the devil will work overtime to try to refocus you.

My challenge to you today is to count your many blessings and n…

Faith: Believing is Seeing

I never really understood the difference between faith and belief until recently. I had always assumed faith was just the biblical way of saying belief, but I have come to realize that it is much more than that. You see, in my opinion, belief can simply be quantified as a Yes/No variable i.e, you either believe or you don’t.
However, faith adds another layer to believing. It’s all about how committed you are to what you believe. It is a continuous variable of which quantity matters, the question with faith is not if you have faith or not, it’s how much of it do you have? Faith is always active while belief can be passive. You can believe in something and stay on the sidelines, but with faith, you can’t help but be involved, it takes effort on one’s part to get a larger quantity of it.

“Talk is cheap” they say, I say belief is cheap. This point was well captured in the book of James 2:19, when it says that even the Devil believes that there is one God. To put it differently, belief is to…

Super Autism Mom

I am neither a writer nor a good story teller and  I know this because I had never enjoyed being either. Normal me struggle with expressing my ideas both verbally and in writing. I’m a visual person I would often say... I understand graphs, pictures, maps and numbers. I’m also very comfortable with stating facts and research. And (Oh) boy! how much I love using concise words such as quotes and proverbs. So why do I all of a sudden feel the urge to voice out my emotions...I believe it’s a mark of my healing or perhaps, a coping mechanism. I have bottled up so much over the years that I now crave the need to be light . I’m intentionally choosing to let go and completely let God by sharing my journey as an Autism Mom. My goal is to encourage someone else on this journey and like I always say if I’m able to inspire hope in just one person, then I’m fulfilled.
Welcome to this page on my blog ...where I hope (no pun intended..LOL) to also raise an awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder in t…