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Hope is not a strategy, it is a goal!

There is a saying that “Hope is not a plan” and I totally agree. I say it is an end result, a goal. Hope doesn't just happen. A lot of work is required to keep hope alive.  One of my favourite scriptures still remains Romans 15:13, it reinforces my belief about hope, it gives the recipe for hope as maintaining your joy and peace. Once you find what brings you joy and peace, create a plan to maintain those two at all costs on a daily basis. I find joy in knowing that regardless of what my AUsome son might not yet be able to do at his age, he will be alright. My plan is to make sure that he is trying his best at all times and that he is is short. I also find peace in living in the moment. The plan is to appreciate and love him for who he is and not who he should be. I’m very intentional about feeding my faith and starving my fear. Worry and fear of things that may never happen used to cost me my peace, I command my mind to think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure

Delays are not denials.

1. My rant to God. I’m learning how to complain more to you, maybe “complain isn’t the right word but rather how to voice out my concerns so that I don't get overwhelmed. Growing up in a family of six children, I realized that the sibling who complained the most always got the most attention, albeit unpleasant sometimes😳. Nonetheless, my good good father I need your attention. So here are my complaints to you my Father:  I’m exhausted from trying to do things on my own. I need a destiny helper. I’m exhausted from not getting a sound sleep in years. I’m exhausted from changing diapers way longer than most mothers I know. I can no longer continue this way God ... therefore I’m releasi g my children unto you . They are your heritage , your word says that the fruit of the womb is your reward.  2.  God’s response. Here is the response from God while praying the next day “Delays are not Denials.”  He opened my eyes to read the story of Lazarus and Joseph in the Bible. God also encourage

Keeping Hope Alive

How does one keep hope alive after failure after failure or rejection after rejection? Feeling angry or down for a moment is a normal reaction. However, it is important for it to be just for a MOMENT. If not, you loose your PEACE and JOY.  Peace with one self and peace with people around you are so important that it is impossible to live a fruitful life if these essentials are missing.  According to Isaiah 26:3, “God will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast on him because we trust in him.” And of course when you have that perfect peace, JOY comes from within, you get this in tandem with PEACE.   Everyone has faced failure/rejection at some point in life, I have had a fair share of mine. At a point, I was even on a streak sef 😄. I flunked out of a doctoral program and had to take on a job in retail job stocking shelves with two Masters’ degrees. To be honest, I actually didn't mind the job as I am a firm believer that there is dignity in labour. My boss who I didn

Let God’s Will Be Done - part 2

After writing the first part, I discovered a bible verse Acts chapter 7:22 which says “Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action”. This was an eye opener for me because I had always believed that Moses had some form of speech issue and that he remained like that all his life. I would always cite the example of Moses, as it comforted me somehow to know that God was okay with the disability of Moses, otherwise he would have healed him first before sending him to Pharoah.  Acts 7:22 came to life when God revealed it to me this past week. To note that, It was not my first time of reading the book of Acts, but this time around the verse stood out and was very clear. No one has an encounter with God and remains the same . I believe that God provided me with an answer to what his will is for my son, his will is “complete healing”. Jesus also demonstrated that with his ministry, he went around healing people.  I have now an increased level of

Let God’s Will Be Done.

I have often wondered why God didn’t heal Moses’s speech issues before sending him to Pharoah to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. Also, why did Jesus have to mix saliva in mud to heal the man who was born blind in John chapter 9, I know the first time I read that scripture I was like “gross”🤣.  Similarly, Jesus asked a man described as “Invalid” in John chapter 5 if he wants to be healed, again my immediate reaction from reading the verse was “isn’t that obvious Lord”. Time and time again God has shown me that his ways are not my ways.  What I have come to learn in my spiritual journey is that God can use a person, thing or situation to bless and to bring healing to our lives. We are instructed never to worry about how it will be done but to simply have faith (i.e. to act on what we believe), to bring our prayers and petitions with thanksgiving before God (Philippians 4:6) Recently, I started the Nemechek protocol for my Ausome son after reading the book. An interesting read I must

Friends For Life.

My Ausome son, who is in grade one is yet to make a friend and this mama is about to make it her mission to change that, wish me luck😊, actually scratch luck.. I’m claiming it by faith🙌🏽.  They say we all need friends, even though he plays fine all by himself. A few of his classsmates have gone to his sister to introduce themselves as his best friend. I have also met a couple of kids who genuinely want to hang out with him. However, the only person close to his age that has been able to share in his world is his little brother, every one else gets ignored.🤣 You will agree with me that the younger we are, the easier it is to make friends. That’s the reason I don't want my son to miss out on this. I wish for him to experience great friendships at the age when they are mostly genuine. Some of my fondest memories of childhood were times spent with friends....friends who didn't let ego, jealousy, strife stop us from having a good time. Who simply connected based on shared intere

A L.O.V.E Mindset

I stumbled upon a well researched article on how churches are failing to support families with children affected by Autism. This wasn’t surprising at all to me as I have had several encounters where I was asked to leave the congregation because my son was too loud. In fairness to other members, they have a right to a quiet enjoyment of church service. But what ends up happening to mothers like me is that we stop going to church altogether, souls that are meant for christ become lost. That was my case for a while. When churches don’t acknowledge “Autism” and all other forms of developmental disabilities or are misinformed, they fail to accommodate. While we all need prayers and healing, the accessibility of church is of immediate importance to families with special needs, “Faith without works is dead”(James 2:15-17). Providing additional supports for example through a special needs department, signages welcoming people with disabilities in the congregation and above all, encouragement b