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Let God’s Will Be Done.

I have often wondered why God didn’t heal Moses’s speech issues before sending him to Pharoah to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. Also, why did Jesus have to mix saliva in mud to heal the man who was born blind in John chapter 9, I know the first time I read that scripture I was like “gross”🤣.  Similarly, Jesus asked a man described as “Invalid” in John chapter 5 if he wants to be healed, again my immediate reaction from reading the verse was “isn’t that obvious Lord”. Time and time again God has shown me that his ways are not my ways. 

What I have come to learn in my spiritual journey is that God can use a person, thing or situation to bless and to bring healing to our lives. We are instructed never to worry about how it will be done but to simply have faith (i.e. to act on what we believe), to bring our prayers and petitions with thanksgiving before God (Philippians 4:6)

Recently, I started the Nemechek protocol for my Ausome son after reading the book. An interesting read I must say, although I didn’t quite understand most of the scientific terms in the book, but got the overall gist sha😀.  So just like the woman with the issue of blood in the bible held on to Jesus’s garment and received her healing, this protocol has slowly become my way of connecting to Jesus. However, I remind myself quite often that let God’s will be done in him.

To my Super Autism Moms, my prayer is that God will help us to be cognizant of the people, things and situations in our lives that would make our journey with Autism easier or come an end according to God’s will in Jesus Name.

Always 💕💕💕 on my mind,



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